Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Week: 15 Nov - 21 Nov

Monday: I got my first order of Young Living oils.  We couldn't wait to start using them.

After Spanish lessons we walked around the city of Moron a little.  We went into the oldest restaurant in the city.  It is also a private social club.  The owner took us on a tour of the private area, and it was beautiful.  Their library smelled delicious!!! I wanted to just sit and sniff!

We also tried Burger King for the first time in Moron.  Using my limited Spanish worked just fine!
 Tuesday afternoon was Cub Scout meeting and we tried to learn how to juggle.  It was fun!!
We had a performance of a play that Wesley wrote.  The video will be in another post, but this beard deserved it's own picture!!
 The entire cast of the play!
 I finished half of the 42 motifs I have to make for the peppermint blanket.  Only 21 more to go!
Spanish lessons today were all about verbs that end in -ar... I was having flash backs of Ms Bacon's spanish classes at UAM today!!  I should've paid more attention!!

Today I updated the Taylor Family blog with the next person.  I'm trying to do a blog post of another person from the Taylor family each Friday.  I found her in 1958 in Little Rock, and since her grandchildren may still be alive, I'm not pursuing the next generation locations yet.  Next up is her brother, John Guice Taylor.

I caught up on my youtube subscriptions and added a new crochet pattern to my youtube playlist from my favorite youtube channel, The Crochet Crowd.  If you like to crochet, or even if you want to learn, they have patterns for everything, and the man who does the videos is a great teacher.  You can find their page on youtube, here.

We took Wesley out to eat at TGI Friday's for his birthday dinner.  It's his favorite American restaurant and he didn't know they had one in Spain.  He was so happy!! He also found a penguin to take a picture with even though the penguin was holding a beer, he didn't know that, so he wanted his picture made with it! :)

December hat for Bunco! :)  Christmas-y!!
Today was pretty lazy for most of our family, but Ron went into Sevilla to participate in a Mud Run... It was red mud! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

First Trip in Spain - Granada!!

We took our first official trip in Spain, and we went to Granada.  It was wonderful, and we had a great time.  Enjoy these videos about the trip and what we did there!

I didn't want the video to be too long, so I broke it down into a video for each day we were there.  Maybe in future trips I'll be able to get everything into one video, but I doubt it since we like to take pictures and videos! :)  

Next trip... Lisbon, Portugal!!