Friday, December 9, 2011

Grocery Shopping and cooking, Part 2

So the whole point to shopping with coupons and saving money and buying all these groceries is to actually make something with them.  We've recently been trying out new recipes, and we're going to continue to do that.  This post is going to be about a new program we're going to try.  Once a Month Mom is an awesome site that looks like it will fit just about any eating program you want.  Even making your own baby food.  Go check it out (after you finish reading this, of course!).  They aren't doing another monthly menu until January, so I'm kind of on my own for December.  They have a great series on their site about making your own menu, so I'm following that.  I've  looked all over the Internet for recipe ideas to cook during the month.  I still want to only cook one time, or at least only two times and be done for the month.  So, I've picked a few "starter" recipes to get me going.  Now I just have to make out my grocery list, check the coupon site, and go shopping... Here's what we're eating in December... Click on any of the recipe names to go view that recipe, I followed the advice of the Once a Month Mom site, and decided to make double of each recipe to have enough to eat in December.  Here we go:
Bubble Pizza
Chicken & Dumplings*
BBQ Sandwiches -  (just a roast and a package of onion soup mix with water in my crock pot til it falls apart, then shred it and freeze it.  When you're ready to eat, thaw, warm up, and put barbecue sauce on it and eat!)
Pizza Pasta Casserole
Taco Soup
Hashbrown Casserole (my mother-in-law's GREAT recipe)
Mini Meatloafs

Check out some of these and let me know if you try them... I'll keep you updated on what we thought of each of them.

I've spent the last three days cooking when I've had spare time.  We've eaten the Bubble Pizza (a HUGE hit), the Chicken & Dumplings (another hit), and the BBQ Sandwiches (this wasn't new to us)

*I made double the recipe for this, and froze the extra before adding the biscuits.  My "dumplings" weren't nearly as good as my mother-in-law's, but the rest of the dish made up for it.  It's almost as good as hers.  Also, I put some small cups of the chicken mixture aside for lunches over rice.  I'm eating that today, and I can't wait!!

101 Things mini-update:
The Chicken & Dumplings and Bubble Pizza are two new recipes I've never made... check that off!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

101 Things update #2

So I realized after I posted my list, that I had written two tasks that were the same.  I had "Take a picture of a location during all four seasons", and then one almost the same, so I took one of them off, but that meant I had to come up with one more task.  I decided on:
#101 - Learn a poem by heart! -   I couldn't decide at first which poem to memorize.  I already knew a couple, and I thought about just using one of those, but that would defeat the point of the project, so I had to choose a new one.  THEN I remembered... my parents came to visit us in September, and my Daddy was saying this cute little poem over and over, and the boys were starting to pick up parts of it.  So I decided to learn that poem because we could all learn it together.  So when I was home for Thanksgiving, I had my Daddy say it and I recorded it.  Here is the poem.

  1. One fine day in the middle of the night,
  2. Two dead boys* got up to fight, [*or men]
  3. Back to back they faced each other,
  4. Drew their swords and shot each other,
  5. One was blind and the other couldn't, see
  6. So they chose a dummy for a referee.
  7. A blind man went to see fair play,
  8. A dumb man went to shout "hooray!"
  9. A paralysed donkey passing by,
  10. Kicked the blind man in the eye,
  11. Knocked him through a nine inch wall,
  12. Into a dry ditch and drowned them all,
  13. A deaf policeman heard the noise,
  14. And came to arrest the two dead boys,
  15. If you don't believe this story’s true,
  16. Ask the blind man he saw it too!

My Daddy's version is much shorter (the highlighted parts), and that is the one I memorized, but then I found this, so maybe I'll add these lines in and try memorizing the longer part for my next 1001 days.

As soon as I figure out how to load a sound wave (mp3) to my posts, I'll let you hear my Daddy saying it.  

I would also like to say how awesome I think it is that we live in the time we do.  There are a lot of disadvantages also, I know, but one of the greatest things we have is the ability to preserve memories.  My kids, and their kids, can click this button and listen to my Daddy saying this silly poem.  I also have my parents both reading different books for my kids too.  I never got to meet my Pappaw Goodwin, but I would give anything to have a recording of him reading, or just talking in general.  These things are important to the ones left behind after the people are gone.  So preserve as many memories as you can... and not just in your head because those will fade with age.  
What are some ways you preserve your memories?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yahoo Articles!

So one of my 101 things is to find an outside source of income.  Another one is to write 30 articles, and I've just finished and published the first of those.  You can find it here.  It is about the Christmas we spent with our first foster child.  The names have been changed to protect the children, but everything else is true.  Also, there is a small typo... go read it, follow me on there, and let me know what you think of the article!
Here is the clickable link also...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Boba is FIVE!!

While we were visiting our parents, Boba turned five years old!  He shares his birthday with his Meme (Han's mother), and they always have a joint party when we visit in November.  We have a tradition for both our boys on their birthdays.  They put on their daddy's uniform blouse and hat and each year they get a little taller.  Each year I notice how much higher the bottom of the blouse is getting, and while I love that they are healthy and growing, I also am a little sad about the coming day when that blouse will fit them like it does their daddy.  Like a man... until then, I will treasure every little moment I can... Happy Birthday, Sweet Boba!!
Loving his first birthday cake!!

2 years old!

3 years old

4 years old

5 years old
We learned early on that the first two birthdays cannot be done this way... they are too young to keep the blouse on and stay still.  Tell me about the way your family marks birthdays!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our week at Lacey

We spent the first week in Arkansas with Han's parents.  Here is our week in pictures... you've been warned... there are lots of pictures!!

As you can see... we did lots of card-playing... and lots of napping... and LOTS of laughing... we had a great time!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

101 Things... Update #1

So I started this new project last week, and it's been pretty fun going through and looking at the tasks and trying to get an idea about how I should start and which ones I need to do first.  I think I'm just working on them as I can.  A lot of them are continuations throughout the whole 1001 days, so I'm working on them a little along the way.  So far I've completed three tasks.

#52 - Leave a 100% tip - We were eating out in Dumas, Arkansas last week (the first day I made the list) with Han's parents.  We ate lots of food, and Han's parents generously paid for our meal, and I suggested to Han that we leave a 100% tip for our nice, young, PREGNANT waittress.  She had been happy and done a great job (I don't think her attitude would've changed my mind, though).  She looked at the money as she walked away and thought that we had given her the wrong amount of money.  Once we assured her that she had the right amount ($67), she began to hug us and cry.  It was a powerful experience for all of us, and I'm so glad we chose to start the 101 things with such giving.  I'm definitely adding this to my next 101 days (and I might do this one again before the next list)... bless someone like this and just enjoy the feeling!

#48 - Inspire someone to make their own list.  I got a message from someone (see her picture) telling me that she had made her own list after reading about mine, so I could cross this one off the list.  This is a picture from her facebook page (I don't want to share too much info about her)... but I will say that she wrote me to ask me how to remove some selections because she already had 160!!  I was so shocked by this because if took me 3 days to actually come up with 101 things.  It was really hard for me (and probably means I'm lazy :), but she has a abundance of things she wants to do in 1001 days.  So I'll be praying she can complete her list!

#46 - Wrap at least 5 Christmas presents myself (not bags) - Okay... Two things about me... 1. I HATE to wrap presents, and 2. I have a wonderful husband who doesn't mind wrapping presents.  So because of these two things, I very rarely wrap presents.  You can see why from this picture (there is a pair of pajama pants in this gift)!  DONE!  (ps.  My wonderful MIL told me to add this task to my list because she knows of my hatred for wrapping paper!)

Friday, November 25, 2011

101 in 1001

So, I've been reading quite a few blogs recently.  You know how you get sucked into the "blog world" because you look at something you want to look at, then find a link on their page about something that looks interesting, and continue that cycle for a while and then you've spent most of your free time accomplishing very little, other than adding LOTS of things to your Pinterest account.  BUT this time, I found something amazing... Day Zero Project .  It is a really great idea, and goes perfectly with my personality and strengths.  So I decided to start my own 101 things in 1001 days.  I spent most of the day making my list, and was even able to complete one of the tasks last night.  Some of them are easy, and won't take very long to finish, but some of them are more difficult and will take the whole 1001 days to finish.  I'm excited to do this, even though I'm a little afraid of such a huge list of things.  Then I remind myself that I have nearly 3 years to complete this, and it makes it seem do-able.  For every task I will have a picture and a blog post to go along with it (those are also two things on my list).  I'm going to put the list here and check back occasionally to update my list as I go along.  My end date is August 20, 2014

And... here is the list... stay tuned as I (and everyone around me) complete 101 in 1001...

Blog at least 2 times a week (1/143)

Go on 30 hikes (0/30)

Complete at least 3 scrapbooking pages a week (1/429)

Find a new genealogy fact every week (1/143)
Keep up with my gift list throughout the year

Make a craft with my kids once a month (0/33)

Read 10 books that teach me something (0/10)

Blog every time I finish a task (3/101)

Save $1 for every task I complete (3/101)

Make 6 handmade gifts a year (0/18)

Cook 2 new recipes a month (0/66)

Have 5 electronic-free days (0/5)

Run 2 5k's (0/2)

Run a 10K race (0/1)

Go on a monthly date night (0/33)

Watch a movie from the year I was born (0/1)

Get curtains for every room in my house (0/6)

Read 1 book a month with my family (0/33)

Write a letter to each of my kids to open in 10 years (0/2)

Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over (0/1)

Paint something and frame it (0/1)

Sew something (0/1)
Take a sign language course online (0/1)

Finish Couch to 5k plan - 9 weeks (6/9)

Take a picture of each completed task (3/101)

Free-write 2 times a week (0/286)

Write 30 articles for my job (1/30)

Stop biting my fingernails (0/1)

Try one new food each month (0/33)

Don't eat fast food for a month (0/30)

Write a new list for the next 1001 days (0/1)

Make a list of 101 quotes that inspire me (0/101)

Catch a snowflake on my tongue (0/1)

Sign up for and keep track of books read (1/2)

Build a snowman (0/1)

Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons (1/4)
Go a month without buying anything that isn't a necessity (0/30)

See the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center in New York City (0/1)

Reach my goal weight (20/100lbs)

Bake my own bread (0/1)

Go on a spiritual retreat (0/1)

Floss every day for a month (0/30)

Dye Easter eggs (0/1)

Crochet a scarf (0/1)

See a dentist (0/5)

Wrap at least 5 Christmas presents myself (not bags) (5/5)

Memorize 2 scripture verses a month (0/66)

Inspire someone to make their own list (1/1)

Create a budget and stick to it (0/1)

Have at least $1,000 in savings (478/1000)

Be debt-free (0/1)

Leave a 100% tip (1/1) 

Develop an alternative source of income (0/1)

See 5 classic movies I've never seen (0/5)
Make an iTunes playlist of 101 of my favorite songs (0/101)

Go through at least 5 Smithsonian Museums (0/5)

Keep a diary for a year (0/2)

Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind" (0/50)

Send in a photograph to a contest (0/1)

Learn the basics of photography (0/1)

Take a picture every day for a month (0/30)

Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's (0/1)

Write a love letter to my husband (0/1)

Kiss someone under the mistletoe (0/1)

Go on a road trip (0/1)

Visit New York City NEW YORK (0/1)

Visit a state I've never been to (0/1)

Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity (0/1)

Volunteer at church (0/1)

Write a fan letter (0/1)

Write on 20 creative writing prompts. (0/20)

Go to the library once a month (0/33)

Do the 200 squats challenge-6 weeks (0/6)

Complete the 100 push-up challenge-6 weeks (0/6)

Spend a whole day in pajamas (0/1)

Surprise someone with an unexpected gift (0/1)

Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor (0/1)

Have a baby
Go to the zoo

Write a short story (0/1)

Buy something from Etsy (0/1)

Watch every episode of Big Bang Theory (63/97)

Adopt a child (0/1)

Visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia (0/1)

Visit Jamestown, Virginia (0/1)

Go to Disney World (0/1)

Make a calendar of pictures throughout the year to give as gifts (0/2)

No video games for one month (0/30)

Complete the "James" bible study (0/1)

Put together 10 puzzles (1000 pieces each) (0/10)

Read the bible with my children at least 4 days a week

Read the Narnia series (1/7)

Drink 64 oz of water everyday for a month (0/30)

Eat an apple a day for one month (0/30)

Start a new family tradition (0/1)

Go to a MLB game (0/1)

Go to an NFL stadium (0/1)

Make and send Christmas cards every year (0/2)

Read 10 books for fun (0/10)

Get pregnant (0/1)

Memorize a poem completely (0/1)

Comment or message me if you are making your own list, or if you want to join me doing some things on my list!