Thursday, September 30, 2010

One more time....

Jango is getting to use his new tooth pillow for the first time.  After we wrote our last entry about not having a pillow to put our tooth in, one of our readers and friends, Mrs. Linda, sent each of the boys a tooth pillow.  It worked wonders and the tooth fairy found the pillow and left the money just as she is supposed to...  

The only problem now.... how to smile for the camera, while showing your missing teeth, and not looking completely scary!! YIKES!!

 That's it... it could have something to do with Momma getting the flash off... WOW!! Two teeth missing right beside each other...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making a Mummy??

Last night I saw something from a friend of mine about making a chicken mummy. Yeah, it's out there, google it. Anyway... I just knew that Jango would LOVE it BUT I'm not crazy about doing all the steps involved, and then it would just be a mummified chicken and not look anything like a "real" mummy... So... I told Jango to go this morning and get one of his "men" (i.e. action figures), and we took some gauze and a few beads for "jewelry" and made a little mummy man... he still LOVED it, and I didn't have to deal with a dead chicken or any other stinky, yucky things like that... I think we'll make a real mummy chicken when we're both a bit older!

After the mummy was all wrapped up, he "buried" it under some toilet paper! Then he said that some "men" had come up and opened the coffin, and because they had done that, the mummy had cursed them, and now they were all dead... so he staged the next photo!

You can just kind of make out the mummies jewels placed inside his "wrappings"...

Boba is a bike-rider!!

Boba has always been a little on the short side, so it's been hard for him to reach the pedals on his bike... that was a gift from his friends Matthew and Pierce...
Well, tonight for the first time, he learned how to push the pedals ALL the way down before pushing with his other foot. It worked and he pedaled all around our circle, until it was too dark to see and we had to make him come inside.
Sweet Man!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Review Henry Huggins

Leia - I LOVED this book! It was easy to read and lots of laughable situations... I thought it was extremely funny that Henry would say things like, "Golly"... or "Geez!"... it made me want to watch some Leave it to Beaver! :) But I guess they were both from the same time!! Overall, a very good book... we're going to find some others of her's to read.

Jango - It was exciting... I liked it... My favorite part was that fair contest about Ribsy choosing who he wanted to stay with. The contest was whoever Ribsy came to would be the owner of Ribsy, and he chose Henry Huggins. I want to read more Henry Huggins books, and read all of them that they have. And the one that is all about Ribsy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Soccer... this time for Jango

So Jango had his first soccer game EVER today... we have never signed him up for soccer before mostly because we know nothing about the game or its rules. So we decided to let him pick, and he wanted to try playing. I LOVE the uniforms, and he loves the kicking... win,win!!

This is just my favorite picture... he's so focused on kicking!!

A Turkish Clown?? Yes Ma'am!!

We walked from the church down a little street to the oldest market area in town. It was enclosed and had a ton of little tiny shops inside. We got a few Christmas gifts... ;)

Walking around inside the building.... then Oh My Goodness, we saw a Turkish man dressed... well... umm.... like this!!

These are some shots of St. Peter's Church from the outside before we loaded back up to go to lunch!

We drove to the beach to eat lunch in a very beautiful location. The beach was nice and the water was gorgeous... we had a great time!