Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adventures in Tarsus , Part 3

Then we arrived at St. Paul's Well. The Turkish government, or city government of Tarsus has set up this tourist spot. There is a well that is from before the time of Paul, and in such a small place, there is almost a guarentee that Paul used this well at some point in his life. So that is all it takes to make us come to Tarsus and pay money to see a well! :) Here is what I know about it. 1. It still works.

2. The water is VERY cold.

Cute little red dragonfly... What? I have boys in my family!

In this same area, right beside the well, they have uncovered a house, or houses that are also from the same period as Paul's life. I find it extremely hard to believe that someone would find a house from around the time of Paul, and for no other reason than that, or maybe the need to make money, they declared this "St. Paul's House". Believe at your own risk...

Family picture in front of the well... the excavated house is behind us under a piece of glass.

Refering to my #1 at the top... the well works... and Boba is VERY excited about this!!

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  1. Oh, the history my grands are seeing. Keep it up, I love you all, Mom