Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Review Henry Huggins

Leia - I LOVED this book! It was easy to read and lots of laughable situations... I thought it was extremely funny that Henry would say things like, "Golly"... or "Geez!"... it made me want to watch some Leave it to Beaver! :) But I guess they were both from the same time!! Overall, a very good book... we're going to find some others of her's to read.

Jango - It was exciting... I liked it... My favorite part was that fair contest about Ribsy choosing who he wanted to stay with. The contest was whoever Ribsy came to would be the owner of Ribsy, and he chose Henry Huggins. I want to read more Henry Huggins books, and read all of them that they have. And the one that is all about Ribsy.

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  1. Junie B Jones is a big hit too at the library.. I go there sometimes and help with the childrens reading program and for some reason that age group all loves the Junie B Jones there are lots in the series and quick to read