Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Morning After

So our family doesn't have one of those cute little pillows to put the teeth in for the tooth fairy, and we have both boys in the same bed. So we had a bit of a dilemna about what to do with this tiny tooth in that big, twin-sized bed. The solution, a ziploc bag, of course. We put the tooth in, put it under the pillow... then the agonizing minutes before sleep... it was almost too much to handle... he was sure he would be awake all night, and the tooth fairy might not actually come because he wouldn't be asleep...

"What happens if I can't go to sleep?" "Will the tooth fairy know it's me with "him" in the bed with me?" "What about..." I'm sure there were many more questions, but I walked away.... almost 18,000 seconds later... he was asleep...

Han woke him up the next morning before going to work so we could all see if the tooth fairy had indeed come, or if he had somehow been skipped over... well... the tiny tooth in the bag had been replaced by four shiny quarters... He seemed pretty happy, but I think there was a little disappointment... after all, almost everyone else that comes to our house while we are sleeping brings WAY more than four quarters, but none-the-less, he went on about his day, making sure to tell every person that he saw or talked to on the phone that he had lost a tooth and the whole story of "How it all Happened"...

Almost all of the stories ended with... "There should really be a song... Happy Tooth-day to you... Happy Tooth-day to you... "



  1. That's so awesome! I found a tooth pillow in the states to use, but we were wrapping them up in a paper towel with tape before that. One of our kids had a lot of questions too...he used to have a phobia of costumed characters, or anyone in general that was coming in our house after we were all in bed. I agree there should be a song! Why not?