Friday, September 17, 2010

A day in the life....

I asked Jango to lead Boba through our "circle time" in the morning. They both had fun doing it by themselves... maybe I should try this more often. Although, Jango was a bit too comfortable sitting in my chair!

These are the things we do every morning... Before Boba starts his "boxes"...

We also have a section of the board with verses that Jango is memorizing for school and for Sunday school at the Chapel.

Typical day of boxes for Boba... he doesn't "really" have school since he's only 3, but he feels VERY left out if he doesn't have boxes! :)

Kind of a slow day for Jango... only 8 boxes... the most he has is 10 though because he has to do all of his writing work before he gets boxes. He HATES writing, so he has to do that first to cut down on the complaining about writing!

They think a very fun game is to go into the closet completely and make everyone else in the room guess what box they are picking... then they come out to reveal!!

We had a visitor at school today!! ;) His name is Skipper, and he was a gift from... Ms. Darby.

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