Sunday, September 5, 2010

Book Review - Charlotte's Web

Jango, Boba and I do school at home. Jango and I have many different and diverse books to read throughout this year. So we're going to each review the books that we read through the year.

Book #1 - Charlotte's Web

Leia - I had read this book when I was a kid, but I didn't remember all of it. I remember being upset by something that happened at the end, but I couldn't exactly remember what it was. This book was so much fun to read. I loved doing the voices of the different farm animals, and especially how sweet and humble Wilbur is. I'm looking forward to watching the movie soon with my boys.

Jango - Charlotte had babies and three stayed with Wilbur while all the other ones were gone. Charlotte, a spider, wrote things in her web about Wilbur... I liked this book a lot!

We read this book a couple of months ago, and the details have become foggy... I can't wait to read it again!! More book reviews coming soon!!


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  1. So I returned the book today because we were just not making it through. Buster wasn't listening and Bud was reading other things with Dad. We do have the movie and would like to host Charlotte's Web pizza night with four boys.