Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another "First"

So this is the first blog post on our blog, and also the celebration of the first tooth that was lost by "Jango". So the day started out like any other... we were doing school, in our school room, of course. "Boba" was doing his school, so Jango was just running around playing and eating popcorn (the snack we have every day while we do school). Boba and I were reading stories together, when Jango yells, "Momma... I think I just lost a tooth!"
He smiled a VERY large smile, and I could see blood in his mouth. "I thought it was a kernel of popcorn, and I spit it out on the table, and then I saw that it was white and had something red on it. It was blood, and then I thought 'that's a tooth!' So I yelled at you..." I went with him to the bathroom and he washed his mouth out a few times, though he could hardly rinse and smile at the same time.... We now officially have a "big" kid in our house now!!

Stay tuned for more adventures from around the world...

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  1. I'm thankful that the boy now has a tooth fairy pillow. I was sooo excited to find some cute ones for your boys. xoxo