Wednesday, November 30, 2011

101 Things... Update #1

So I started this new project last week, and it's been pretty fun going through and looking at the tasks and trying to get an idea about how I should start and which ones I need to do first.  I think I'm just working on them as I can.  A lot of them are continuations throughout the whole 1001 days, so I'm working on them a little along the way.  So far I've completed three tasks.

#52 - Leave a 100% tip - We were eating out in Dumas, Arkansas last week (the first day I made the list) with Han's parents.  We ate lots of food, and Han's parents generously paid for our meal, and I suggested to Han that we leave a 100% tip for our nice, young, PREGNANT waittress.  She had been happy and done a great job (I don't think her attitude would've changed my mind, though).  She looked at the money as she walked away and thought that we had given her the wrong amount of money.  Once we assured her that she had the right amount ($67), she began to hug us and cry.  It was a powerful experience for all of us, and I'm so glad we chose to start the 101 things with such giving.  I'm definitely adding this to my next 101 days (and I might do this one again before the next list)... bless someone like this and just enjoy the feeling!

#48 - Inspire someone to make their own list.  I got a message from someone (see her picture) telling me that she had made her own list after reading about mine, so I could cross this one off the list.  This is a picture from her facebook page (I don't want to share too much info about her)... but I will say that she wrote me to ask me how to remove some selections because she already had 160!!  I was so shocked by this because if took me 3 days to actually come up with 101 things.  It was really hard for me (and probably means I'm lazy :), but she has a abundance of things she wants to do in 1001 days.  So I'll be praying she can complete her list!

#46 - Wrap at least 5 Christmas presents myself (not bags) - Okay... Two things about me... 1. I HATE to wrap presents, and 2. I have a wonderful husband who doesn't mind wrapping presents.  So because of these two things, I very rarely wrap presents.  You can see why from this picture (there is a pair of pajama pants in this gift)!  DONE!  (ps.  My wonderful MIL told me to add this task to my list because she knows of my hatred for wrapping paper!)

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