Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lentil Soup with Chicken

Boba picked this recipe for family dinner on his special day.  
Here's the scoop on what we thought of Lentil Soup with Chicken....

Han:      Loved it... like I knew I would!
Leia:      It was probably the worst thing I've ever tasted.  It tasted gritty like dirt to me.  Even just trying to pick out the chicken didn't save it.  I have to eat enough of it so that the boys wouldn't notice that I wasn't really eating it, but it was awful!! Please don't make me eat it anymore!
Jango:    I don't really like it... somewhere in the middle, but more down than up.
Boba:     I thought it was going to be like Ms. Hadija's in Turkey.  It wasn't like that, and I don't want it again until we go back to visit Turkey and have her cook it for me.

As you can see, we tried pureeing everything because in Turkey lentil soup is almost like a thick broth.
No hints of the actual lentils... Ours doesn't look nearly as good as hers...
and I'm sure it didn't taste as good either!
He really liked the bread... he dipped a huge piece of bread and got a tiny bit of soup!

See!  This looks like dungeon food!!
The one good thing about the meal was the bread.  We actually found a store that sells Turkish food, and went in yesterday to just look around.  We found some of the wonderful flat bread that they make.  It wasn't quite as good since it didn't come right out of the huge stone over like it used to, but it was still the best part of the meal, by far!!
Happy Eating... try this one yourselves, and tell us what you think!

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