Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our "First" Halloween

Okay... so my kids are 7 and 4, so this is certainly NOT their first halloween, BUT the only time they've been trick-or-treating is when Jango was a baby and we still lived in Arkansas.  He doesn't remember this, so it was like his first time, and Boba has never really been trick-or-treating.  We always opted out of it and instead did something else.  Not for any big spiritual reason, but usually because Han worked at a chapel and they always had some activity.  So this was our first year of going trick-or-treating.
Let me just throw out there that I don't believe going trick-or-treating is somehow celebrating the devil.  My children are not allowed to wear scary costumes because we are about being kind and spreading joy, not fear. I'm not looking for a big debate about it, just sharing where we are in the "Celebrate or Not" category.  I think we'll continue like we did this time... if our church/chapel has something planned, then we'll go do that... if not, then we'll go trick-or-treating.  Or, more than likely, we'll do a combination of both.
We also, as a change of the past few years, have Halloween stores all over the place.  I think I've figured out what to do with these places also.  We go in (the day they open, because they haven't put all the scary "extras" out yet), and we let them decide what/who they want to be, but don't buy the costumes here, because they are super expensive.  Then we come home and order them THAT DAY online.  Then no one gets to change their mind, and we can relax and not worry about costumes until Halloween.  It is a good system for our family.
This year, we had a Mandalorian bounty hunter (if you don't know what that is... ask a Star Wars fan!)  :)  And we had Stormshadow (if you don't know who that is... ask a G.I. Joe fan!)  :)  Here they are... just the cutest, don't you think??

Jango as... NOT Jango! :)

Boba as Stormshadow!

Celebrating his real "first" Halloween... the dog named Jango!!


  1. Thanks... My favorite was the dog costume... the only way I could convince my husband to buy the costume for the dog was to tell him that he could wear it every year for Halloween... then I saw a "hot dog" costume on another dog... I'll talk to him about that when it gets closer...