Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Look what I can make??

We have a Scout Shop (all things cub and boy scouts) in our town... I know... I didn't know there was such a thing until we moved here either.  They have everything you could possibly need for both cub and boy scouts, and our family loves it!
We have been there a few times, and the boys always find stuff they want.  This time, however, they had actually saved up some money to spend.  That's another good thing about this store.  It's prices are VERY good.  So, Jango bought a big bag of wooden pieces that, when put together, made a very large scorpion.

  Boba bought a small bag of little wooden pieces and it became a jet ski! :) 
  He didn't like it being just "wood", so he painted it... and his fingers... 

But now that it's all put together, he loves to ride his men around... 

Happy Tuesday!! Oh, and tonight is Lentil Soup Recipe so stay tuned for our ratings to come soon!

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