Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brownies this time!!

So I saw the easiest "hidden food" recipe I've ever seen.  Take a box of brownie mix, instead of the oil and egg, use a pureed can of black beans.  Then bake it just like normal.  My first "bean brownies"... they were great!! The boys had no idea, and they really liked it!!

I got the recipe here... 
Doesn't sound good at all... and yet...

it looked great... 

was moist and cakey... (totally made that word up!)

The boys each ate two and asked for more... 
 On another note... this is what my view was out of my back door this week.... these pictures don't do it justice, the colors are just so bright.... beautiful!!


  1. I think....I want a Brownie. Looks good.
    The trees are beautiful this year in Southeastern Arkansas also. Man can't make those colors that pretty only God.

  2. I LOVE looking at the leaves. I can't wait to see what everything looks like driving down to Arkansas next week... and the brownies were good!