Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Book Review: The Minstrel in the Tower

This is one of our read-alouds from our Sonlight Curriculum... we're going to start doing a family review of each book.  We read most of this book on our way to Gettysburg!
Here's what we think;
Leia:  I liked this book because it was reletively short, and we finished most of it in one day.  I liked that Alice was the bravest and strongest character in the book.  I love that everything worked out in the end, but the tension in the middle was great!

Jango:  The boy sat in the tower while his sister got their uncle.  I liked it because it had a lot of adventure.  My favorite part was when she had to climb up the castle wall so no one could catch her.

Boba:  (slept through most of the reading)

We all liked it...

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