Monday, October 31, 2011

Power of Prayer

So I know most people have heard of Stormie Omartian's books about prayer, and though I've heard a lot about them, I've never read any of them.
So I'm starting The Power of a Praying Parent, because I want to be able to give my children over to God and not become so attached that I'm unable to function in my life because all I do it worry about things happening to them.  I want to be free to just love and teach and lead them and not worry so much.
So here we go... things I learned from this book:
Chapter One:
   She talks a lot about prayer groups that she started just for praying for her children, and how they watched these children from this group grow up into adults.  The thing that struck me immediately was how my life in the Air Force kept me from having this experience.  I won't be able to have one cohesive unit of parents who get together once a week (or even once a month) and pray for our children.  This made me sad.  Then it occured to me that I could be the one to start a prayer group, and I could continue to start these groups everywhere we go.  I won't have the same "long-term" feeling that she had, but we could start a chain reaction that would lead to LOTS of these prayer groups being started all over the military.  If I start a group, and someone moves away from our group, she could start another group where she is, then another would spawn and continue.  That way our one small group could grow exponentially and have so many women (and men) praying for their children.

I was really hearing God saying that this is what I should do.  So I picked five women (I tried to let God lead me), and I invited them to begin.  Something keeps coming up every week with the ladies, so we've not even had our first prayer group yet.  I am feeling discouraged about this, but resolved not to give up.  I know this is what we should do, and I'm not going to let a couple of setbacks stop us.  Chip Ingram from Living On the Edge says that when we begin a big project where God's going to do great things, then we will always have opposition from satan.  So I'm just going to pray alone for now, and believe that sometime soon, we're going to  get this group going, and we're all going to be blessed by it.

Chapter Two coming soon!

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