Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ft. Meade, Fort... yes please!!

Our wonderful neighbors have gotten orders and will be leaving soon :(   BUT they called and asked if we'd like to have their "fort".  Their dad has collected fallen trees and sticks and tied them together to make a barrier fort thing for them.  Our families spent the afternoon moving the "logs" from one yard to the other... we nearly finished in one day, but we needed the next day for finishing touches.  The boys (and girls)... and there are A LOT in the neighborhood, are having a GREAT time with it... YAY for being kids and using their imaginations instead of video game skills!!

   Some of 
 us were 
 hard at 

A few of us were hard at play!!
They did not want to stop!!
I know it's too dark to see... I'll post a "daytime" picture in a future post... stay tuned!!

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  1. Please send a daytime pic. They are having so much fun. I do wish I was there. Mamwa