Friday, October 28, 2011

Why I love my (Big Boy) Jango!

For anyone who really knows me, you know that I don't do mornings very well!! :)  I just don't like to get out of that warm bed.  There doesn't seem to be anything better than "just 5 more minutes"... BUT I've started getting up at 6am every morning.  I know this isn't early, and I know that some of you (including my Daddy) are already at work by 6am, but this is a huge milestone for me.  I get up at 6am to get my day started the way I want it to start, and to get a little bit of alone time before everyone else gets up.  I have also recently started doing something I'm sure will make some of you faint... I drink coffee!  Every morning, I have a small cup of half-caffeinated coffee (is it wrong how much I love saying "half-caff"?).  I'm not sure what kind of difference it makes in my life, but I like to think its helping me!  I sit alone with my bible (sometimes my reference book), and my coffee! :)  For the first time in my life, I look forward to getting up early.  There is something magical about that time of the day... or maybe I'm just getting old.  Don't all old people get up early!?  :)  

I enjoyed this quiet, alone time for only about two weeks, then something happened... I'm not sure whether it will ultimately be good or bad.  My oldest child, Jango, doesn't get to play video games or watch TV until after we finish school (around 2:30pm), and then he has to take turns with his brother AND pay to play (nothing is free around here) BUT if he gets up before 7:00 (when he's supposed to get up), there are no rules.  Everything is free and he can play as much as he wants (in that hour)... This rule applies to both of our children, but Boba takes after his mother, and would much rather have those "just 60 more minutes" in the bed than extra game time.  Jango begged us to set an alarm for him so he can get up at 6am when I get up and have time to play.  Now my quiet, alone time has been invaded by a BOY!  Eeewww gross!!  ;)   But I guess I'll allow him in my club.  After all, he's quiet when he gets up, and he's about the cutest boy in the world, so I can make an exception in his case...  my mornings can only be better with him around!


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