Sunday, October 23, 2011

Creative Writing from Boba

Week 1
Creative Writing
Finish the Story

Tim and Sally received a new sled for Christmas one year.  They waited and waited for the snow to fall so they could use it.  Just before they went to bed one night, they saw some snowflakes fall.  When they got up the next morning, snow had fallen on everything.  They got on their warm snow clothes and…. They ran outside and played in the snow.  But a big monster came out of where the girl was, the monster went in its hole and telled the babies that it snow, then the babies came out and grabbed all the men and ate them up.  Then the monster spit them out, then the men punched the monsters down to the ground.  And the Monster got killed.  Then they lived happily ever after.  The End

He has to write something almost every week, and I just copy down exactly what he says, someday he's going to love this, right??  For this one, I gave him the beginning of the story (in italics), then he finished... 

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