Friday, October 21, 2011

Punkin Patchin'

Our first "punkin hunt" of the season!  We enjoyed a very informative lesson on bees and how they make honey, then fed some cows and goats, followed by a hayride to the "Patch" to pick our very own punkin!
"Some" of us (mainly the one with the camera) just LOVED the leaves and all their beautiful colors.  We were certainly impressed with the picture of our world that God painted for us today... truly blessed!
What greeted us on our way in... just majestic!!

Yep... bees!!

Ready for our bee lesson!

Feeding the cows.... 

mostly standing around holding straw... the cows weren't hungry!

Boba said, "This is my FIRST hayride!"  

What we were surrounded by all day!!

After trading in a LOT... finally deciding on this one... 

Just the right one!

In the Corn Maze!

Want to know what happened to those little punkins they picked??? Stay tuned!!

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