Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our First Basketball Day!

 We had a great time on "Basketball Day", as it is known in our house... Boba had practice at 9am... then Jango has a game right after... so we get it all done at one time!! I, of course, brought the camera!!
Bounce-pass to Daddy!

Little Dribbler!! He's actually pretty good!
He got a basketball shirt and his very own basketball!

First Game of the season... all ready to play!
Look at that shot!! He did a great job!!


  1. That's My Grandsons!!!! They both have great from..Did I tell you that's may grandsons??
    Way to go boba ver good pass.. and jango great shot!!!
    Love ya, Mamaw

  2. Great pics of the boys! Love the last one of Price shooting. Did he make the shot?