Monday, November 7, 2011

Recipes... and stuff...

Our family is making a change... we're tired of eating the same old thing over and over... so we're going to start trying out new recipes, and of course we'll have to share what we think about each one.

First up:
  Asian Grilled Chicken (I LOVE this whole website, by the way)

Here's what we all thought:
Han: It was really good and I even ate the left-overs the next day!
Leia: Wasn't home... but was eating something awesome at a conference!!
Jango: Terrific!! I want to have it everyday... I wish we could... Chicken is awesome!!
Boba:  I liked the chicken.  Didn't like the potatoes because they were flat! (they were scalloped) :)

We're making a new recipe later this week... Lentil Soup with Chicken (from the same awesome website!)

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