Sunday, December 4, 2011

Boba is FIVE!!

While we were visiting our parents, Boba turned five years old!  He shares his birthday with his Meme (Han's mother), and they always have a joint party when we visit in November.  We have a tradition for both our boys on their birthdays.  They put on their daddy's uniform blouse and hat and each year they get a little taller.  Each year I notice how much higher the bottom of the blouse is getting, and while I love that they are healthy and growing, I also am a little sad about the coming day when that blouse will fit them like it does their daddy.  Like a man... until then, I will treasure every little moment I can... Happy Birthday, Sweet Boba!!
Loving his first birthday cake!!

2 years old!

3 years old

4 years old

5 years old
We learned early on that the first two birthdays cannot be done this way... they are too young to keep the blouse on and stay still.  Tell me about the way your family marks birthdays!!


  1. This ia an awesome blog Feeser's! I got stuck on the 2 year picture, which is when we met him. He's still as cute as ever and wish I could talk to him again. Maybe some day! Love the blogs, keep em coming.
    Val, Grayce, and Michael

  2. Thanks Val,
    He is much bigger than when you met him, but he still talks just as much! :) Maybe we'll make it back to CO someday, and he'll talk you to death again! :)