Wednesday, December 7, 2011

101 Things update #2

So I realized after I posted my list, that I had written two tasks that were the same.  I had "Take a picture of a location during all four seasons", and then one almost the same, so I took one of them off, but that meant I had to come up with one more task.  I decided on:
#101 - Learn a poem by heart! -   I couldn't decide at first which poem to memorize.  I already knew a couple, and I thought about just using one of those, but that would defeat the point of the project, so I had to choose a new one.  THEN I remembered... my parents came to visit us in September, and my Daddy was saying this cute little poem over and over, and the boys were starting to pick up parts of it.  So I decided to learn that poem because we could all learn it together.  So when I was home for Thanksgiving, I had my Daddy say it and I recorded it.  Here is the poem.

  1. One fine day in the middle of the night,
  2. Two dead boys* got up to fight, [*or men]
  3. Back to back they faced each other,
  4. Drew their swords and shot each other,
  5. One was blind and the other couldn't, see
  6. So they chose a dummy for a referee.
  7. A blind man went to see fair play,
  8. A dumb man went to shout "hooray!"
  9. A paralysed donkey passing by,
  10. Kicked the blind man in the eye,
  11. Knocked him through a nine inch wall,
  12. Into a dry ditch and drowned them all,
  13. A deaf policeman heard the noise,
  14. And came to arrest the two dead boys,
  15. If you don't believe this story’s true,
  16. Ask the blind man he saw it too!

My Daddy's version is much shorter (the highlighted parts), and that is the one I memorized, but then I found this, so maybe I'll add these lines in and try memorizing the longer part for my next 1001 days.

As soon as I figure out how to load a sound wave (mp3) to my posts, I'll let you hear my Daddy saying it.  

I would also like to say how awesome I think it is that we live in the time we do.  There are a lot of disadvantages also, I know, but one of the greatest things we have is the ability to preserve memories.  My kids, and their kids, can click this button and listen to my Daddy saying this silly poem.  I also have my parents both reading different books for my kids too.  I never got to meet my Pappaw Goodwin, but I would give anything to have a recording of him reading, or just talking in general.  These things are important to the ones left behind after the people are gone.  So preserve as many memories as you can... and not just in your head because those will fade with age.  
What are some ways you preserve your memories?

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