Saturday, December 19, 2015

Our Week: 13 Dec - 19 Dec

Sunday:  Relaxing day after an eventful Saturday in Merida.  We had a great time at church and then spent the day relaxing and hanging out.

Monday: Back to school this week.  Both boys are studying about the UK this week.  They have pretend passports that we will add a country to every time we learn about them throughout the year.  Hopefully we'll be able to add some actual stamps to their real passports this year.  Wesley had to make the earth's crust and then show what happens when there is an earthquake.  He made a volcano with the dough that Chyna made for him.  It was cool! :)

Tuesday: Spanish class today went well.  In Project 3:17, I'm still in Exodus, and today I went a little farther and listened to and read chapter 4 as well.  I was completely confused by Exodus 4:24.  When Moses finished speaking to "the angel of the Lord" in the burning bush, he went back and told him father-in-law that he was going to Egypt and he said okay.  So Moses took his wife and two sons and put them on a donkey and left.  I have to say that I'm pretty happy that he actually took his family with him.  I didn't actually expect that because God and told Moses to go to Pharaoh and ask him for THREE days to worship outside the city and that was all at first.  So it didn't seem like something he would need to take his whole family for, but I'm glad he did.  Anyway, back to verse 24... It says that the Lord met Moses at one of the stops at night AND WAS ABOUT TO KILL HIM.  This is completely unprovoked as far as we can tell.  There is nothing at all to say why this is, and THEN... to keep her husband from being killed, Zipporah (Moses' wife), cut off her son's foreskin and TOUCHED MOSES' FEET with it.  This just brings up so many questions for me.  I'm going to spend this week looking up more about these verses in chapter 4, and next week I'll decide what point of view I want to use for the creative writing part of this book.  For Genesis, I told the story of the fall of Adam and Eve from the point of view of the earth.  I can't even find what I had written, but I'm also going to look for it this week as well.

Wednesday:  Got school updated today... that was about it.  :)

Thursday:  I looked through the travel guide for Madrid since we are going there in April for Ron to run a race.  We will spend the weekend there before flying on to Copenhagen for the rest of the week.  I will continue to plan our Madrid/Denmark trip.

Friday: Today was all about genealogy.  I found out this week that my genealogy software, Family Tree Maker, was being discontinued.  They are no longer doing any updates with it and at the end of next year there will no longer be any support for it from who owns the software.  I was a little sad at first, but then I saw where Rootsmagic (another genealogy software) had a special discount for people who wanted to switch to their software, and I've heard great things about it.  So I spent today exporting my files and importing them to the new software.  I'm excited to get going with the new software next week.  We had a progressive dinner in a nearby neighborhood tonight, where we went to 4 different houses and had wonderful food at each place!  It was a great night!!

Saturday: Today was great for two reasons.  First, we went to the nearby city of Moron de la Frontera (we just call it Moron!)  and met at the tourism office to walk around the city and look at different Belen's... (Bethlehem in Spanish)...  Here in Spain, their traditional decorations for Christmas are not like what I'm used to.  They don't do the Christmas trees like we expect to see.  They do nativity scenes. From basic sets to very elaborate.  We went to a couple of churches in the area and then to a couple of people's homes to see their Belen setups.  The second great part of today was getting to see the new Star Wars movie with Ron and the boys (Chyna decided to stay home because she doesn't like Star Wars! :)  Anyway, we were able to see it on base because the deployed marine service members here got a copy and offered some extra seats to any of us who wanted them.  It was a great movie, and I won't share any of my other opinions on it since I know some people haven't seen it yet.

 They sometimes hide a figure in the Belen who is pooping... :)  There were two hidden in this one, and we were all looking everywhere until we found him.  Behind this yellow wall... You can see him also in the next picture... 

See you next week... Oh, and only 8 weeks until my mother comes to visit us!!! ;)

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