Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Park Quest 2014

This is our third year in Maryland, but our first year participating in Park Quest through the Maryland State Parks and Department of Natural Resources.  We formed a team for our family, we are called The Feeser Four ('cause we're Fantastic)... We have from May 24th until Sept 1st to complete 12 of the 24 quests at these state parks.  If we complete 12 quests, we are invited to a giant picnic extravaganza (they have an actual name for it), where they will give out some pretty awesome door prizes.  Only teams that completed 12 of the quests can come, and they only allowed 1,000 teams to join from all over the state, so I'm excited to see how many of the teams finish 12 of the quests.  
 I looked up all of the locations and made notes about each one.  This is my master list to help me keep them all together, and help us work through each of the quests.  It doesn't begin until May 24th, so we are just in the planning stages now.  If you live in Maryland, or are just passing through for a bit, you can do the quests even without being part of Park Quest, but there are some perks that you won't be eligible for... that doesn't mean you won't LOVE the state parks... this is a beautiful state.

Park Quest 2014 Locations

Each park name links to a detailed description of the Park Quest at that site.

My next goal for this is to work this week planning out each of these by regions so that we can get more accomplished while we're in a particular area of the state... I can't wait!!!!

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