Saturday, May 10, 2014

Project 3:17

So one of my "topics" I plan to discuss here on the blog is the Bible, or more specifically, a project that has been bumping around in my head for years... I would say the first idea for this project started more than 10 years, and I'm sad to say I've done very little on it up to this point.  It all started because I was reading through my Bible or listening to a sermon, or... I'm not sure how it started, BUT I had the feeling/idea that we focus a lot on the 3:16's of the Bible.  Not just John's, there are others that are widely known as well, and I started wondering what 3:17 said... Specifically, I looked at John's gospel first, just because that's the most well-known 3:16, and I found that it does indeed provide a more well-rounded picture of what's going on in the text.  It is summed up nicely with the 3:16, but just going a little further and seeing what comes "after" was more my goal... Since the Bible begins with Genesis, that's where I'll begin my 3:17 journey... or "Project 3:17"... so next week is the beginning of my process and the way my crazy brain works with stream-of-consciousness writing about Genesis 3:17...

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